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Apply now for a transformative training program designed to take your skills and artistry to the next level. Led by Sandy Hunt AGACNP-C, injectors will learn the full art of facial balancing, create customized treatment plans, and master diverse injection techniques in a supportive, intimate setting.

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What is Facial Balancing?

Facial Balancing

Imagine a world where you can go beyond simply injecting filler.


In our academy, we'll transform you from injector to sculptor, empowering you to create timeless beauty on every face.

Rather than focusing on one solitary distraction: such as lips or jawline, you will learn to look at the face as a whole. Forget chasing trends – facial balancing is about creating harmony and natural-looking results that elevate each patient's unique features. You'll learn to see beyond wrinkles and lines, instead identifying the subtle details that lead to balanced results.  


We'll train you to view the face as a symphony, where each feature plays a vital role. By strategically placing product, you'll achieve a global rejuvenation that leaves patients looking more vibrant and "emotionally" connected to themselves.

This isn't about masking imperfections. Let's celebrate individuality, unveiling the beauty that already exists within each patient. Through our academy, you'll master the most common challenges faced by injectors. 

The result? A timeless, harmonious beauty.

What sets this training apart from others?

 ▪️ Intimate Learning Environment

We limit our courses to small groups of four students to ensure each participant receives the attention and guidance they deserve. 

▪️ Portfolio Review

Benefit from personalized mentorship as Sandy guides you through common challenges for injectors and advanced techniques, providing specific feedback to your work to help you improve. Hear and learn from the challenges of other students. 

▪️ Mastering all of your "Paintbrushes"

Learn injection techniques, consultation strategies, and full facial balancing. Master advanced techniques using needles, cannulas, PDO threads and other essential aesthetic tools.

▪️ Dream Mapping and Business Check-In

Let's talk about your dreams, business challenges, branding and create a vision with actionable steps. 

▪️ Hands-on Experience / Live Model Injections 

Gain practical hands on experience by injecting live models, with the option to bring your own model, be provided one, or volunteer as one yourself.

▪️ Receive Facial Balancing

Enjoy an injectable treatment or facial of your choice (excluding BBL) as part of your training experience, ensuring you understand both the technique and the patient perspective.

▪️ Cultural Considerations when Injecting

Learn how to enhance your patient's unique and natural features while still embracing their heritage and not erasing cultural quirks.

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The French Academy of Advanced Aesthetics

Upcoming Sessions









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Friday:  9:00 AM - 7:00 PM 

Saturday:  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Brunch & Learn with the vendors 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Meals, course materials, and an injectable treatment of choice included.


About the Training

▪️ Didactic Training

Engage in comprehensive educational exercises with digital presentations and an accompanying student workbook, ensuring injectors leave each lesson feeling confident about what they have learned. 

▪️ Materials Included 

All needles, tools, and products will be provided by The French Academy of Advanced Aesthetics. A student workbook will be provided to injectors in our programs. 

 ▪️ Student Centered Curriculums

Each weekend will differentiate from the last as the exercises are tailored to meet the individual needs of each injector. Please fill out your applications as detailed as possible in order to be placed in the appropriate cohort to your injecting needs.

▪️ Certification

Students will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the program detailing their achievement in Full Facial Balancing Techniques at The French Academy of Advanced Aesthetics. 


▪️ Gift Bag

Students will receive a complimentary gift from The French NP Boutique. 

Each weekend will differentiate from the last as the exercises are tailored to meet the individual needs of each injector. Please fill out your applications as detailed as possible in order to be placed in the appropriate cohort to your injecting needs. As space is limited, we recommend applying as soon as possible. 

The Facial Balancing
Advanced Injector Training

Location: The French NP
185 Lincoln Street, Suite 105
Hingham, Massachusetts  

Email us at 


The French Academy of Avanced Aesthetics

Welcome to The French Academy
of Advanced Aesthetics

We are committed to teaching the art of graceful aging. Our programs emphasize the importance of creating customized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs- it should grow with them as they age. We aim to equip injectors with the skills and knowledge necessary to become exceptional practitioners who can highlight natural beauty and deliver holistic facial balancing.


Why choose
The French Academy?

🌿 Unique Approach

We believe in embracing each patient's natural beauty and creating individualized plans, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

🌿 Learn from the Best

Train alongside Sandy Hunt AGACNP-C, a leading injector known for her graceful aging philosophy and nonsurgical techniques. Learn how she creates treatment plans through a French lens to help her patients look and feel "emotionally beautiful".  

🌿 Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep into the art of consultation, injection techniques,  business development and even individualized portfolio review.

🌿 Hands-on Experience:

Gain practical skills through live model injections, guided practice, and personalized feedback.

🌿 Limited Class Size

Enjoy focused attention and mentorship in an intimate group setting of just 3 other students.

Ready to inject the French Way?

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