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Specializing in non-surgical
graceful aging techniques.




There is a delicate line that we walk in the field of “anti” aging. Unfortunately, many are afraid of starting treatments for fear they will look like someone they know who is “overdone”.

In France, our philosophy on aging is much different than our American counterparts. For one, we embrace our age and natural uniqueness. My appreciation for individuality and character means that I frequently say "no" to patients. If it will make you look overdone or take away from your natural beauty, I don’t perform the procedure. 

Every patient receives a personalized treatment plan, specific to their goals. I create a treatment plan with each of my patients that expands past one session. I watch closely as your results develop over time. I am committed to preserving each patient's natural beauty. You are perfect as you are. 

Prior to each treatment I will walk you through every step and will take the time to answer all of your questions.