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L'Academie at The French NP

The French NP is excited to announce our new program for injectors who are looking to learn about our graceful aging philosophy and non-surgical facial balancing techniques. This 2-day weekend program is designed specifically for injectors who want to learn the latest industry techniques from our experienced team. Our approach focuses on enhancing your natural beauty while maintaining a youthful appearance. We are excited to share our experience and our passion with a larger community of professionals.



The French NP Non-surgical anti aging treatments inspired by the french art of graceful aging. Sandy Hunt nurse practioner. Focusing on body, face and neck. Treatments include botox, wrinkle reducer, face lift,  lip treatments, fillers, dermaplaning, chemical peels, brazilian butt lift, fat melting, sculptra, PRP, hair restoration, scar improvement, o-shot, vitamin therapy, and volume restoration. Hingham, Brockton, South Shore, Boston Massachusetts. South of France, french riviera, villas


 Invite your closest friends for a beauty night. 5 guest minimum.


Your skin is truly an investment and aging gracefully requires care internally and externally. That’s why it’s important to know what is inside the products that you put on your face and to give value to yourself and what you use.

If you are using a drug store brand on your face, reach out to me so that we can talk about what a high quality regimen can do for you. You deserve the top shelf products, not just because they are known, but because they are the medical choice for long-term skin maintenance. 

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