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Raised between Los Angeles and the French Riviera, I experienced two very different worlds when it came to philosophy about life and beauty. 


While many Americans seem to grow anxious about getting older, as a French woman, I know there is truly nothing more empowering and desirable.


In fact, in French culture, we believe that the life can truly begin after age 50. There is a bit of mystery associated with age; something that brings attraction or even seduction. 

As we age, we don't quite feel like ourselves anymore. There starts to grow a disconnect between how we "feel" and what we see when we look in the mirror.


Although I work in Aesthetics, my position is very clear: I am Pro-Aging. 


The difference in my work and others, is that I am not trying to "change you", but instead I want to help close the gap, so you feel connected to who you are now


Aging gracefully relates to much more than the physical. At the root, it is the connection of our inner self to the outer self. This is balance. ⁠

Balance in our thinking, our ‘joie de vivre’ and our intentions. ⁠

The balance to be with and to be without. ⁠

Balance to nurture our bodies and souls. ⁠

Be mindful of the things you are digesting; whether it be ideas, food, or the company you keep. ⁠

Over time it all plays a vital part in your flow and how you move throughout the world.

I entered this field after my own struggles with skin care. I had acne, melasma, and scarring. ⁠

I was completely disconnected from myself because of my distractions with my skin. ⁠

Healing my skin healed my soul, in a way.⁠

I have more confidence, happiness, and joie de vivre once I achieved this balance. ⁠


I'm honored I get to work to help others feel love and security within their own skin .

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I met my husband during a study abroad program in New Zealand. We decided to be wed traditionally in The South of France. What we thought would be a 30 person intimate wedding became a 120 guest international celebration. 

We married in July 2014 surrounded by our friends and family. We had 2 officiants during the wedding (one who spoke French and one in English).  


Now, as a mother of 3 children, I look forward to watching how our adventure continues to unfold. 

My Favorite Quotes: 

“Make it simple, but significant”

“You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

“Be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”


As a Nurse Practitioner, I am trained and certified to perform all injectable techniques including neurotoxin, dermal filler, biostimulators, & PRP. I am also a nationally listed provider for Vampire O-Shot.


Creating The French NP has been a journey and a dream. It is the fusion of medicine and art. 

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Nurse Practitioner Specializing in Adult & Geriatric Acute Care

Emergency Room Nurse

Nationally Listed Provider of the Vampire O-Shot.

Education in Nursing,

Pre-Medical Sciences & Psychology.

Experienced Aesthetic Injector


Hospice / End of Life Nurse Practitioner

My mother was my very first graceful aging patient. She has always been my example of beauty. She is my greatest inspiration and canvas as I continue to grow in my delicate art.

As I reflect on my Graceful Aging practice, I notice the word, “grace” by definition has been tied to sentiments like elegance, power in God, honor and good will.

I think it’s no coincidence that my strong and beautiful mom is named Grace. She holds all of these qualities and more. I love you Mom.


For her 100th birthday, I dedicated The French NP to my grandmother, Anna.


During mon enfance—when I was a child—my grandma (Mamy) was my steady touchstone, an unconditional source of love, and would spoil me through home made foods and small gifted hand me downs.

She has a beauty that is emotional and physical. While I can't begin to explain the challenges she overcame — she is the most joyful person. The most positive. Most optimistic. Composed, elegant, and trustworthy.

I realize now that optimism has been her biggest gift to me.

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