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Neck & Décolleté Restoration

Welcome to biostimulators, the fountain of youth.


Welcome to the beautiful combination of biostimulators meets laser therapy, the fountain of youth and the single best investment you can make on your skin. Injectable biostimulators such as sculptra and radiesse give your skin the tools it needs to create it’s own collagen and lift. Long lasting and 100% natural. Safe and painless laser removes sun spots, crepe-ing, and softens lines. Biostimulator of the Face Think of this procedure as placing miracle grow for your face. Watch over the course of a few weeks and months as your skin slowly transforms, becoming conditioned, lifted, and glowing. This is an excellent and permanent treatment for old acne scarring as well. You will literally age in reverse. Biostimulators Neck And Chest I never let my patients forget that your face and neck must be balanced! If you are distracted by your neck and chest skin weakness or crepe-ness, allow for injectable biostimulators and a powerful laser to gently and naturally stimulate collagen production and condition your skin to its youthful appearance. Lasts 2-5 years.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advanced. In the case of no-shows, or changes made less than 48 before appointment time, the original deposit would not be applicable towards future treatments and a new deposit would be needed in order to re-book.

Contact Details

  • The French NP

    185 Lincoln Street, Hingham, MA, USA

    617. 615. 6269

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