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pexels-kristina-paukshtite-1330725.jpg The French NP Non-surgical anti aging treatments inspired by the french art of graceful aging. Sandy Hunt nurse practioner. Focusing on body, face and neck. Treatments include botox, wrinkle reducer, face lift,  lip treatments, fillers, dermaplaning, chemical peels, brazilian butt lift, fat melting, sculptra, PRP, hair restoration, scar improvement, o-shot, vitamin therapy, and volume restoration. Hingham, Brockton, South Shore, Boston Massachusetts. South of France, french riviera, villas


AgeJet Laser

AgeJET is latest treatment capable of tightening excess skin. Achieve the beautiful, glowing skin and results that only their powerful nitrogen plasma energy can deliver. Treatments are suitable for full face, eyelids, neck, chest, hands, knees, stomach and labia. Results will continue to improve up to 12 months post treatment.

Aerolase Laser Treatment

Named by Cosmopolitan Magazine as the Best Laser of 2021. Gentle and safe on all skin types, this pain free laser is equipped to treat many conditions including:  Acne - Angiomas - Blackheads - Bruising - Ingrown Hairs - Melasma - Hyperpigmentation - Hair Removal - Nail Fungus - Psoriasis - Rosacea & Redness - Scars & Striae - Spider Veins - Sun Damage - Vascular Lesions - Wrinkle reducer - Warts

Back Facial

Treat your back to a deep cleanse and rejuvenation with Le Dos Facial. This treatment begins with a purifying cleanse and invigorating scrub, followed by targeted extractions and a powerful laser duo to eliminate bacteria and promote skin renewal. A relaxing back massage and clarifying mask complete this revitalizing experience.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Non-Surgical)

Looking for a fuller, rounded and lifted back side? BioStimulators are used in this pain free procedure. Here we stimulate collagen, fibrin, and fullness while smoothing cellulite, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and a balanced volume to any “hip dips” or depressions in the buttocks. Completely safe and results last for years.

BioStimulators Neck And Chest

If you are distracted by your neck and chest skin weakness or crepe-ness, allow for injectable biostimulators and a powerful laser to gently and naturally stimulate collagen production and condition your skin to its youthful appearance. This is regenerative medicine at its finest, the fountain of youth and the single best investment you can make for your skin. Injectable biostimulators such as sculptra and radiesse give your skin the tools it needs to create it’s own collagen, elastin, and fibrin. You will notice a change slowly over time, and results last 2-5 years.

Botox for Excessive Sweating

If you struggle with excessive sweating, then this is for you. Many people think that Botox is just for wrinkles, but there is nothing farther from the truth. It can help with a condition called hyperhidrosis (a.k.a. excessive sweating). If this is a problem which makes you uncomfortable or maybe even sometimes embarrassed, know that with a few quick injections, you can be sweat free for months. 


Through the delivery of a softening biostimulator and subcision, you can feel confident in cellulite being a conversation of the past. Embrace smoother, more confident skin and say goodbye to unwanted dimpling. This treatmen lasts years.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is when a chemical solution is applied to your skin and helps you shed your top layer of skin; resulting in new skin growth. It aids in the removal of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, melasma, acne scarring and wrinkles. They can be given in different depths, from light to deep..    


Experience a brighter, smoother complexion with dermaplaning. This treatment uses a gentle blade to remove dead skin cells, addressing imperfections and revealing a naturally radiant and revitalized appearance. It can help with fine lines, acne, peachfuzz, sun damaged skin and dull skin.

Fat Melting

Tiny injections that permanently dissolve stubborn fat, including areas such as the double chin, jowls, underarm pockets and lower belly. After it dissolves, it will never return. Reduces cellulite and dissolves fat pockets. Results after 6 weeks with mild swelling for the first 24 hours.

Hand Rejuvenation

Hands must match the face, in the same way that a neck and face must go together. Let me work on your skin to give you youthful looking and beautiful hands. Treatment for this includes biostimulators, lasers, and more.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Only 10 -35 % of Oral Vitamins are absorbed by the body. That's why many are opting for IV Therapy - a safe, and effective treatment where your body will absorb 100% of the nutrients administered. Treatments are customizable to the patient's needs. May be added on to any other treatment simultaneously. We have 8 different treatment options: Immune Support, Digestive Support, Metabolism, Brain Fog, Body Quench, Hair Skin & Nails, Athletic Performance, and Reboot (For recovery after a late night out). 

Knee and Thigh Skin Restoration

Crepey knees are a distraction when it comes to shorts in the summertime. This quick and impactful treatment uses biostimulators to rejuvenate and smooth the skin, leaving your knees looking younger and more confident.

Laser Hair Removal

Experience long-lasting hair removal with our full-body laser hair removal treatment. This treatment not only targets unwanted hair but also removes hyperpigmentation, boosts collagen, and leaves your skin glowing. Choose from an annual unlimited package or individual areas.


NAD+ is a co-enzyme already found in our body. It’s decline as we age is believed to contribute to the ‘feeling of getting older’. NAD is the precursor to ATP, which is cellular energy. As we age our cells lose their energy. 

It is administered using an IV infusion that helps eliminate brain fog, fatigue, metabolism, inflammation, cell regeneration and more.

NeoClear Acne Therapy

NeoClear by Aerolase is a powerful acne treatment that eliminates excess sebum production, inflammation, and the p. acnes bacteria. It offers patients of all ages and skin types a new safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for acne. Also, the deep heating energy helps build collagen, which can reduce the appearance of acne scars and leave skin looking radiant.

Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation

Restore balance and confidence with Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation. This treatment is ideal for addressing concavity (denting) following previous breast augmentation surgery. It offers immediate results and long-lasting improvement without any downtime.

Pink Hemangioma Removal

Say goodbye to those small pink moles with a quick and pain-free laser treatment. This efficient procedure removes them permanently in a single session.

Scar Improvement

Sometimes it’s not about hiding or removing a part of us; but more about feeling like we have a fresh start. This procedure uses your own PRP as well as laser to soften scars and stimulate collagen production with refreshed improvement.

Spider vein Treatment

Bid farewell to unwanted spider veins with our laser options. This quick and effective treatment leaves your face and legs smooth and vein-free.

Trap Tox

Carrying the weight of stress on your shoulders? Trap Tox injections offer relief. This treatment relaxes the trapezius muscle, reducing the appearance of broad shoulders and providing months of comfort and confidence.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Here you have the option for the O shot or the AgeJet procedure. Both are absolutely painless and will result in outcomes that will surpass your expectations both visually and physically in sensation. 

Vampire O-Shot (Orgasm Shot)

Nationally listed as a certified provider in this treatment, welcome to the O-Shot procedure. The O-Shot enhances climax, increases lubrication, and corrects all forms of incontinence.  This procedure is highly recommended for women who are looking to achieve a faster and stronger climax, as well as women who have any complaints of "not being able to hold it" and are looking to bring a youthful rejuvenation to their privacy. 

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